This is your show time. Let's  take off those rockets!

You have to reach green landing pad from blue launching pad. Keep in your mind:

 Do NOT touch anything in order to succeed 10 levels.

How  to play:

- A & D : Rotation

- Space Key: Thrust

- C Key:  Moving Back

You can watch a simple gameplay video below.

Do not forget to give feedback after playing.

* Which level did you enjoy while playing? 

* Which level was the hardest in all levels?

 * What would you suggest us to do to improve Skilled Rocket Pilot?

Development log


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Very nice game! I wish it din't reset back to level 1 every time i failed.

Really well made and the art is pretty good too.

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Thank you, "Skilled Rocket Pilot v2.0" will have a different fail & restart sytem.

4 things:

checkpoints: maybe not every level, but maybe like per five. no checkpoints only really works for randomized levels. nobody wants to do the first 3 levels hundreds of times just to have a try at the last

more levels! love the concept, feels really nice. love to see more levels. (if there are checkpoints)

Longer levels like the last if you change the camera angle to where it is in the first couple. (the camera is really distracting and hard to tell exactly where you are at that angle)

Art is good, I'd smooth the rings out a bit to fit the cartoon style. (also remove that monkey, we all know where that's from)

overall I like it, but I didn't finish because I had to restart the whole game every time I failed the last one.

Thank you for your honest feedback.

You are rigth. There should be checkpoints and more levels.

(Yes it can be boring , so the game better restart the landing pad at the beginning of the each level, not first level)

I am going to try to add more levels next versions.

However, I think monkey is okey because it makes different the game.

I am sorry you cannot finish the game.

Great, I'm glad to see you are adding more levels!

also what do you mean the monkey makes the game different?

I mean that the monkey has a different shape according to cubes, rings etc.

Nah I mean it doesn't really fit, and also we all know that it is the base monkey from blender

Well done DEVS, I had great fun but watch the video. I found an awesome bug.


Thank you for your feedback. Which bug did you find ? 

That would be telling .............. Oh ok, you don't need to land on the platforms to finish the level, you can fly into it at full speed.

Don't fix it please, it makes the game a little more fun and adds an extra dimension i.e. Speed rocket landing.

Thanks and good luck


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Thank you, and it was planned in order to make the game a little more fun.